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National Japanese American Historical Society (NJAHS)     View
This San Francisco based non-profit organization is "dedicated to the preservation, promotion, and dissemination of materials relating to the history and culture of Japanese Americans." Contains exhibits and information on Japanese American ...

SEAAdoc: Documenting the Southeast Asian American Experience     View
This is an educational resource "focusing on post-1975 refugees and immigrants from Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam and the communities they have developed in the United States. It contains 1,500 visual images and 4,000 pages of searchable text. ...

Banana: A Chinese American Experience     View
This online exhibit examines "the influences which shape the lives of Chinese American youths in the U.S ... [reconstructing] the apartment of the fictional Lee family, second-generation Chinese Americans presently living in New York City. ...

New Deal Agencies     View
Annotated list of some of the "alphabet agencies" and acts that were part of Franklin D. Roosevelt's New Deal program following the Great Depression, such as the Farm Security Administration (FSA), Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDI ...

Times Topics: The Works Progress Administration     View
Collection of news, photos, and other material about the Works Progress Administration (WPA), which was "launched by President Franklin Roosevelt in his third year in office, [and] was the largest jobs initiative the United States has ever seen. ...

New Deal Programs: Selected Library of Congress Resources     View
Starting point for researching the New Deal, which "refers to a series of domestic programs (lasting roughly 1933-39) implemented during the administration of President Franklin D. Roosevelt to combat the effects of the Great Depression on the U ...

The Split Horn     View
Companion website to a documentary that tells the story "of a Hmong shaman and his family living in Appleton, Wisconsin. ... [The] film shows a shaman's struggles to maintain his ancient traditions as his children embrace American culture. ...

The WPA     View
Website for an exhibition about the Works Progress Administration (WPA), which "commonly refers to the many agencies established by the Federal Government in the 1930s during Franklin D. Roosevelt's administration. ... [T]he purpose of the Works ...

Find Information on Irish-American Heritage     View
Small compilation of annotated links to resources on aspects of Irish-American heritage, with a focus on agriculture and rural history. Includes links to material on potatoes and Irish lamb stew. From the National Agricultural Library, U.S. Departmen ...

Asian Reflections on the American Landscape     View
This publication "highlights the cultural imprint of Asian groups on the built environment of the United States." Includes an introductory essay that summarizes Asian cultural heritage in the U.S., an annotated list of historic properties r ...




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