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Video Games     View
Devoted to video games. Contains descriptions and reviews of games, news, and more. From Yahoo! Games.

Genre and the Video Game     View
This essay provides an overview with examples of the different types of video games, such as adventure, board games, driving, educational, fighting, flying, gambling, management simulation, pinball, role-playing, rhythm and dance, sports, and strateg ...

Implications of Online Gaming     View
Explores positive and negative aspects of gaming, focusing particularly on online games.

The History of Video Games     View
An illustrated timeline about video games through 2001 that highlights ironies, such as the fact that "Atari was an American company with a Japanese name, and the Japanese company Sega was started by an American. Magnavox, the company that start ...

Teens, Video Games and Civics     View
"The first national survey of its kind finds that virtually all American teens play computer, console, or cell phone games and that the gaming experience is rich and varied, with a significant amount of social interaction and potential for civic ...

All Game Guide     View
This database covers over 30,000 games for about 90 systems: personal computers, handhelds, and consoles (Nintendo, Sega, etc.). It includes all versions of the games from the earliest to upcoming releases. Game entries include release year, number o ...

MediaWise Video Game Report Card     View
This annual report card "provides a snapshot of the interactive gaming industry with a focus on issues related to the welfare of children and teens." Features ratings of video and computer games using the KidScore rating system, and survey ...

Game Studies     View
Bibliography and extensive collection of links on topics related to "the academic study of computer games." Includes links to journals and journal articles, market data, and Web sites about video and computer game history, addiction, violen ...

Computer Space     View
This exhibit feature profiles of classic video arcade games such as "Pac-Man," "Frogger," and "Asteroids." Includes emulations of the games (requires download of free emulation software) and links (some dead). From the A ...

Between the Lions     View
"Get wild about reading." Read along as you play games and watch videos of books.



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