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Clearinghouse for information about pedestrian (and bicycle) topics, such as benefits of walking, safety, urban planning policy and solutions (such as laws, education, and promotion). Search or browse the resources by topics such as funding, engineer ...

America's Walking     View
Companion site for the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) series of the same name, this is a walking, fitness, travel, and active lifestyle site that offers information on how to start a daily walking habit, personal health, food and water, gear, how ...

Goliath - Walking around the World     View
Apparently, it???s possible to walk 36,000 miles around the world across four continents, starting from the southern tip of South America and heading north until you get to the frozen waters of the Arctic. At which point, a left turn and slow drift s ...

A Safe Trip Abroad     View
Tips from the U.S. Department of State for Americans traveling abroad to have a "safe and incident-free trip." Topics include what to bring and what to leave behind, what to learn before leaving (travel warnings, consular information sheets ...

Downtown Dragons     View
Learn about Pittsburgh's history and the buildings in it with a virtual tour of downtown, songs, games and pictures. The site also provides resources for teachers.

New York Songlines: Virtual Walking Tours of Manhattan Streets     View
These virtual walking tours of New York City "follow a single pathway, whether it goes by one name or several," as inspired by aboriginal Australians, who "were able to navigate across their harsh and unforgiving land by memorizing and ...

Mean Streets 2004     View
This December 2004 report "reveals that walking remains the most dangerous mode of transportation, and some areas of the country are becoming markedly more dangerous." The report contains statistics on pedestrian fatalities for U.S. states ...

Poudre River Trail Corridor     View
Describes the 19-mile long biking, walking, running, and rollerblading trail, which is "a cooperative effort between Greeley and Windsor, and Weld County, Colorado." The site includes directions, emergency information, trail etiquette, a FA ...

Rails to Trails Conservancy     View
Rail trails are "multi-purpose public paths created from abandoned railroad corridors." Such trails are relatively flat and, if carefully planned and well maintained, excellent for bicycling, walking, running, horseback riding, in-line skat ...

The Ramblers' Association     View
This group, "Britain's biggest organisation working for walkers," has been "looking after Britain's footpaths and defending its beautiful countryside for nearly 70 years." Information includes navigation, safety, organizing group ...



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