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Civil-Military Relations in Iraq (1921-2006): An Introductory Survey     View
Overview of civil-military relations in Iraq starting with the establishment of the first unit of the Iraqi army on January 6, 1921. Includes statistics and references. From the May 2006 issue of Strategic Insights, "a monthly electronic journal ...

Iraq: Muqtada al-Sadr     View
Questions and answers about the "anti-U.S. Shiite cleric and the head of the Imam Mehdi Army, an armed militia that has waged an intermittent insurgency against U.S. forces in Iraq." Includes background information and notes on specific vio ...

Iraq War: The Five-Year Anniversary     View
March 2008 articles and audio slide show in which "five Minnesotans talk about how the war has changed their lives." People interviewed include the mother of the first Minnesotan killed in Iraq, an officer in Iraq, a peace activist, and a f ...

How Iraq's War Shaped Our World     View
Two March 2008 radio programs that consider the impact of the war in Iraq on the occasion of its five-year anniversary. The series is based on the premise that "[i]t's been said that, if 11th September 2001 was the day the world changed for Amer ...

10 Days to War     View
This 10-part BBC drama series beginning on March 10, 2008, "marks the fifth anniversary of the invasion [of Iraq]. ... Part thriller, part political drama, each film will take the viewer to worlds the news cameras couldn't reach -- the UN, the M ...

The Iraq War: Five Years Later     View
Collection of audio and written news and analysis about the Iraq War. Also includes special features such as a timeline of 2008 presidential candidate positions back to 2002, a video showing photos from the war back to 2003, and a month-by-month char ...

The World Factbook: Iraq     View
Key facts, maps, statistics, demographics, and a nutshell history of Iraq. From "The World Factbook," published annually by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

Diary of Saad Eskander, Director of the Iraq National Library and Archive     View
This diary "starts in November 2006 and describes the perilous and tragic situation that the Iraq National Library and Archive [Baghdad] is operating under and which led to the institution's temporary closure at the end of that month." Brow ...

Department of Homeland Security     View
The U.S. department charged with "[protecting] the nation against further terrorist attacks." Find information about the Homeland Security Advisory System (the color code system used to indicate the "national [terrorism] threat level ...

Muslims, Islam, and Iraq     View
This site aims to "inform the public in a scholarly manner both about Islam and Muslims in Iraq, as well as about the relationship of the war in Iraq to Islam and Muslims, including Shi'ites, Kurdish Sunnis, and Arab Sunnis." Features annot ...




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