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The Frederick K. Cox International Law Center War Crimes Research Portal     View
This site features "over a thousand links to websites related to international humanitarian law." It also contain the text of research memoranda on issues pending before the International Criminal Tribunal and the International Criminal Cou ...

Nuremberg Trials Project: A Digital Document Collection     View
The Nuremberg Trials "were a series of 13 trials of accused World War II German war criminals held from 1945 to 1949 in Nuremberg, Germany." This site presents a searchable collection of documents from the Nuremberg Trials collection of Har ...

Saddam Hussein Death: Resources for Journalists     View
Links to material about the December 2006 execution by hanging of former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein. Topics include international press coverage, how the execution technique was selected, summary executions under Saddam's regime, history of executio ...

Famous Cases: Iva Toguri d???Aquino and "Tokyo Rose"     View
Background about Iva Toguri d'Aquino, who died in September 2006 and was most identified with "Tokyo Rose," a "fabricated name given by soldiers to a series of American-speaking women who made propaganda broadcasts" in the South P ...

The Nuremberg Trials and Their Legacy     View
This exhibit focuses on the International Military Tribunal trials of World War II war criminals held in Nuremberg, Germany, starting in 1945. Features a photo collection, images of artifacts (such as the tribunal program), audio clips relating to te ...

The Avalon Project at Yale Law School: The Nuremberg War Crimes Trials     View
A collection of documents relating to the charges against Nazi organizations and individuals, brought before the International Military Tribunal (IMT) in October 1945, following the end of World War II. Includes documents such as the indictment, test ...

Physicians for Human Rights (PHR)     View
This organization's research and worldwide investigations include chemical weapons, landmines, torture, and war crimes. The site provides PHR's stand on these and other issues, with news archives and reports on abuses in several countries. In additio ...

Reference Guide to the Geneva Conventions     View
Includes history, guides, online and offline resources, an index to the conventions, the full text of the conventions, and text and information about other treaties. From the Society of Professional Journalists.

NARA Interagency Working Group: The Nazi War Crimes and Japanese Imperial Government Records Interagency Working Group     View
In 1999 "in accordance with the Nazi War Crimes Disclosure Act ... President Clinton established the Nazi War Criminal Records Interagency Working Group (IWG). The group is ... directed to locate, inventory, recommend for declassification, and m ...

Special Report: Tiger Force     View
Series of articles "uncovering the atrocities of an elite U.S. Army fighting unit in the Vietnam War that killed unarmed civilians and children during a seven-month rampage." Three reporters won a 2004 Pulitzer Prize for these articles. Inc ...




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