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From Colony to Country: A Reader's Guide to Canadian Military History     View
Library and Archives Canada offers this bibliographical pathfinder for readers with a general interest in Canada's military heritage.

Trafalgar 200     View
Collection of material about the October 2005 commemoration of the bicentennial of the Battle of Trafalgar. Includes an overview of this naval battle, which "sealed Horatio Lord Nelson's status as a national hero, ended the French emperor Napole ...

History - Remembrance - Veterans Affairs Canada     View
A series of articles and factsheets on Canada's participation in World War I, World War II, and the Korean War. Excerpts from soldiers' diaries and letters are also included.

Falklands 25     View
This site commemorates the 25th anniversary of "the Falklands Conflict, 2 April to 14 June 1982, [which] followed the invasion of the Falkland Islands by Argentina on 2 April 1982. It was a unique period in the history of Britain and Argentina a ...

Vietnam Online     View
Companion to the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) series "Vietnam: A Television History," which "analyzes the costs and consequences of a controversial but intriguing war." Features a timeline, who's who, maps, selected primary d ...

On This Day: 31 January 1986: Americans Alarmed by 'Tet Offensive'     View
Summary of events of the Tet Offensive of the Vietnam War, which occurred in 1968 over the Tet holiday to celebrate the lunar new year. Timeline includes links to other essays about Vietnam War events. From BBC News.

Operation Desert Storm: Ten Years After     View
Collection of documents from 2001 concerning the 1991 Gulf War, which was fought in response to the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait. Material "primarily focuses on the intelligence, space operations, and Scud-hunting aspects of the war" and includ ...

The 1991 Gulf War     View
Collection of video and audio clips about the 1991 Gulf War in which "Canadian troops, sent abroad for combat for the first time since the Korean War joined the Allied forces to fight Iraq's invasion of Kuwait." Topics include Saddam Hussei ...

The Cabildo: The Battle of New Orleans     View
This illustrated essay recounts the events of the Battle of New Orleans, which "in Louisiana was really a series of battles for New Orleans, lasting from December 1814 through January 1815." Covers the key players (including Andrew Jackson) ...

MIT Cascon System for Analyzing International Conflict     View
Cascon is a "conflict analysis and decision-support system" that includes information on 85 post-World War II conflict cases, and was most recently updated in 2000. "Cascon is based on the Bloomfield-Leiss conflict model, which represe ...



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