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Wind Energy Development Programmatic EIS Information Center     View
"This web site is the online center for public information and involvement in the Wind Energy Development Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement (Wind Energy Programmatic EIS)." The EIS from 2005 "evaluates the potential impacts a ...

Wind Power in the United States: Technology, Economic, and Policy Issues     View
This June 2008 Congressional Research Service (CRS) report provides background about power generated from wind, and discusses economics, technology, and other policy topics related to wind energy. Includes graphics, charts and graphs, and an appendix ...

American Wind Energy Association (AWEA)     View
The website for this wind energy advocacy organization features legislative priorities and policy statements (access to transmission, clean air, siting), and fact sheets, newsletters, and other publications. Also provides links to related websites, w ...

Wind Energy: Wind From Moving Air     View
This illustrated page, written for children, describes energy generated from wind. Topics includes the history of wind energy, how wind machines work, types of wind machines (horizontal-axis wind machines and vertical-axis wind machines), wind power ...

Wind Resource Information     View
This page compiles links to National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) resources on wind energy, including wind resource maps, meteorological field measurements at wind turbine sites, and related tools and research. From the NREL.

Why Wind Turbines Can Mean Death for Bats     View
This 2008 article presents the report results in which researchers found that "at most wind facilities, bats actually die in much greater numbers" than birds. The research found that "ninety percent of the bats ... examined after death ...

Wind Energy in California     View
Collection of documents about wind as a source of electricity in California. "In 2007, turbines in wind farms generated 6,802 gigawatt-hours of electricity -- about 2.3 percent of the state's gross system power. Additionally, hundreds of homes ...

Wind & Hydropower Technologies Program     View
This program exists to "improve wind energy technology so that it can generate competitive electricity in areas with lower wind resources, and to develop new, cost-effective, advanced hydropower technologies." Provides overviews of how win ...

Shattuck Windmill Museum     View
The site for this museum in northwest Oklahoma provides information about the more than 35 vintage windmills and related buildings on the premises. See photos of many of the windmills in the "News" section.

Wind Energy and Wind Turbines: Danish Wind Industry Association     View
This searchable site presents information "on wind energy resources and wind turbine technology, meteorology, economics, research and development, and environmental aspects of renewable energy." History includes profiles of wind technology ...



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