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Using PowerPoint in Worship     View
This article provides suggestions for the use of PowerPoint presentations during church services. Provides tips for using PowerPoint for song lyrics, sermon notes, and announcements. Also includes links to articles on other church and technology issu ...,1703,A%253D155311%2526M%253D200247,00.html

Motif FAQ Index     View
This site answers frequently asked questions regarding Motif, "a widely-accepted set of user interface guidelines developed by the Open Software Foundation (OSF) around 1989, which specifies how an X Window System application should 'look and feel'."

Windows NT/2000/2003/XP Admin Knowledge Base     View
"NT support site with an extensive NT Registry Index, Tips for NT Users, Tips for NT Administrators, and book recommendations relevant to NT."     View
A collection of old versions of Windows demo, freeware, and shareware programs. The site provides these for several reasons: older versions are less likely to harbor spyware and adware, to assist computer users who can't continually upgrade their com ...

Excel Tutorial     View
This site walks beginners through the basics of the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet program. Covers basics terms, types of data, formulas, functions, formatting, charts and graphing, and more.

PowerPoint in the Classroom     View
This tutorial "shows K-12 teachers how to use PowerPoint to present many different forms of information. You'll learn the basics on using PowerPoint's toolbars, laying out your information, saving, moving your information to the place you'll be ...

Windows' 20th Anniversary     View
Collection of articles from 2005 commemorating two decades of the Microsoft Windows operating system, "used on nearly 95 percent of all the desktops and notebooks [computers] sold worldwide." Includes a description of the early years of the ...,2806,1861640,00.asp

X on Intel-based Unix Frequently Asked Questions     View
Explains various options for using X-Windows on an Intel-based PC.

John Savill's FAQ for Windows     View
Answers to frequently asked questions about the Windows operating system. Updated daily. From the Windows IT Pro magazine network.

Windows 95 Tips and Tricks     View
Information on using Windows 95, including getting started, communication and troubleshooting, and more. From Not updated recently, but good information on an old operating system.



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