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Origins     View
"Features scholarly and popular resources concerning intelligent design and philosophical theism." Topics include intelligent design; creationism; theism; atheism; and Darwinism & evolution.

Stephen's Guide to the Logical Fallacies     View
Provides definitions and examples of various logical fallacies, and how to contradict them. Organized by type of fallacy.

Tim van Gelder's Critical Thinking on the Web     View
A searchable directory on topics related to critical thinking, including argument mapping, cognitive biases, critical reading, fallacies, critical thinkers, and much more. From "a cognitive scientist with a background in philosophy, and a specia ...

Women's Healthcare Topics     View
Women's Healthcare Topics is dedicated to "providing accurate and up-to-date information on a variety of women's healthcare topics (with an emphasis on pregnancy)."

Times Topics     View
Each of these pages "collects all the news, reference and archival information, photos, graphics, audio and video files published [in the New York Times] on topics ranging from Madonna to Myanmar. ... [It] is available without charge on articles ...

Hot Topics     View
Well-organized resource pages on topics of current interest, many offering a special emphasis on Washington state. Previous Hot Topics have ranged from Jeff Bezos to the September 11 terrorist attacks. By librarian Carlos Diaz of the Evergreen State ...

Drug Topics     View
"Drug Topics is a twice-monthly newsmagazine reporting on all phases of pharmacy for all segments of the practice, including community and hospital pharmacists, HMO & consultant pharmacists, chain headquarters executives & buyers, mail-order pharmaci ...

Topics in Internet Law     View
This IPL pathfinder provides resources concerning the law of or about the Internet, as opposed to law or legal sources available through the Internet. Internet law or cyberlaw topics include intellectual property, commerce, data privacy, free expres ...

Current Topics in Psychology     View
This directory is a well-organized, quick reference collection of articles, Web sites, and research tools. The page is divided between a section listing more comprehensive resources (Web of Addiction, PsychCrawler, Exploratorium's Memory, etc.) and a ...

Geology Topics: Sinkholes     View
Documents and data about sinkholes, "one of many kinds of karst landforms, which include caves, disappearing streams, springs, and underground drainage systems. ... Karst is a generic term which refers to the characteristic terrain produced by e ...



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