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John Lennon     View
Compilation of materials about singer/songwriter John Lennon, who was a member of the British rock group the Beatles and who was killed in December 1980 in New York. Includes a biography, articles, album reviews, photos, and a discography. From Rolli ...

John Lennon: The Official Site     View
Official site for this singer/songwriter who was a member of the Beatles and who died in December 1980. The site features a timeline, biography, discography, audio clips of selected songs, video clips, photos, drawings by Lennon, and news.

Rolling Stone: The Immortals: The First Fifty     View
Collection of tribute articles "to those who created rock & roll, written by their peers and heirs." Includes articles such as Elvis Costello on the Beatles (number 1), Robbie Robertson on Bob Dylan (number 2), and Bono on Elvis Presley ...

Local History: Liverpool     View
Learn about the history and character of Liverpool, England, including its famous streets, docks, landmarks, famous people (such as the Beatles), the local Liverpudlian dialect (Scouse), and related topics. Includes a quiz, audio and video clips, pho ...

Computer Songs and Poems (Song and Poem Parodies with Computer Related Subjects)     View
Featuring such lines as "Bye, bye to my Apple II pie" and "When I was a lad I served a term, As office boy in a computer firm," this site has hundreds of parodies. Nothing is sacred--among the original sources are Christmas, Beatl ...

Karlheinz Stockhausen     View
Official website for this German composer who died in December 2007, and who is known for his avant-garde and electronic works (and who was pictured on the cover of the Beatles "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band"). Includes a biography ...

The Songs Inspired By Literature (SIBL) Project     View
"The SIBL Project uses the language of music to inspire people to learn to read and write." The heart of the site is the list of over 250 rock artists, their songs, and the titles of literature that were the influence behind the songs. Arti ...

Trip of a Lifetime: How LSD Rocked the World     View
LSD is "the psychedelic drug that inspired Hendrix and The Beatles - and shaped the music, art and literature of a generation. As the world bids farewell to [Albert Hoffman, dead at 102] the bicycling Swiss chemist who created LSD ... [this arti ...

Deep Space Network (DSN)     View
The NASA DSN "is an international network of antennas that supports interplanetary spacecraft missions and radio and radar astronomy observations for the exploration of the solar system and the universe." Its site features descriptions of i ...

The British Beat Boom 1963-1966     View
Early Sixties British rock, known in Britain at the time as "Beat" (partly prompting the Beatles' name), was the music that supplied the "British Invasion" of American popular music. Mostly based on American r & b, it was created by such groups as th ...



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