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California History Online     View
"An online guide to over three hundred years of California history. This resource includes over 400 images from our fine arts, library, and photography collections and articles written by James J. Rawls, the Review Editor for California History. ...

California Heritage Collection     View
"An online archive of more than 30,000 images illustrating California's history and culture." Primarily a collection of photographs; also features stereoviews, stereographs, panoramic views, scrapbooks, newspaper clippings, lettersheets, sk ...

California Historical Society     View
The official state site for this group includes a "California History Online" exhibit with over 400 images from the society's collections and an online exhibit of citrus crate labels. There is also a "California Cultural Directory ...

Ranch and Mission Days in Alta California     View
Full-text of a 1890 article on the California Missions from the Century Magazine. From the Museum of the City of San Francisco Web site.

Oral History: University of California, Riverside     View
Transcripts, audio, and video clips of over 30 oral histories of UC Riverside professors, administrators, and others associated with the university. Includes a photograph of each person interviewed. From the University of California, Riverside.

California History Online     View
An annotated, scrolling timeline of the history of California. Beginning with a discussion of the physical landscape of the region, the timeline continues, covering the first inhabitants of the California, European exploration and Spanish colonizati ...

Fact Monster: California     View
Quick facts about California: motto, state symbols, government representatives, brief history, largest cities, brief biographies of selected famous Californians, and other information. From Information Please.

University of California History Digital Archives: Oral Histories     View
Provides access to "digital transcripts of formal oral history interviews" conducted by the UC Berkeley Regional Oral History Office and the UC Santa Cruz Regional History Project. Includes librarians, teachers, administrators, and chancell ...

The California Bear Flag     View
A reproduction of an 1890 photograph of the 1846 California flag with brief information about the flag's creation. From the Museum of the City of San Francisco.

The California Museum     View
This museum in Sacramento, California, draws material from the state archives to present exhibits about the state's rich culture, geography, and history. The site has information on exhibits and events, a virtual tour of the permanent exhibits and a ...



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