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Dance museum     View
"A year of celebration! Dansmuseet (The Dance Museum) in Stockholm can celebrate its 50th anniversary in the Swedish capital in 2003."

A Dancer's Journal: Learning to Perform the Dances of Martha Graham     View
This interactive site provides a look at the life of Martha Graham (the "mother of modern dance" and founder of the "oldest modern dance company in the world") as depicted in the journal of a new dancer in the company. Includes ph ...

CyberDance: Ballet on the Net     View
A directory of "links to classical ballet and modern dance resources on the Internet." Includes links to dance companies, colleges, schools, summer programs, international sites, and more. Searchable and browsable.

Butoh Net: The World of Butoh Dance     View
"Butoh is a contemporary avant-garde dance form which originated in Japan and which was first performed there in 1959. It combines dance, theater, improvisation and influences of Japanese traditional performing arts with German Expressionist dan ...

USA Dance     View
Website for "National Governing Body for DanceSport, the competitive version of ballroom dancing, in the United States." Learn dance terms, basic descriptions of ballroom dancing, social dance etiquette, and more!

About Belly Dance     View
Collection of short pieces about the origins and history of belly dancing. Also includes articles on performers and stretching for belly dance. From the International Academy of Middle Eastern Dance, "an international association of belly dancer ...

Dance Style Locator     View
Growing collection of illustrated descriptions of dance styles from around the world, such as masked dances of Liberia, capoeira (Brazil), kathak (India), Yup'ik Eskimo dance, Afro-Cuban folkloric dance, and hula. Part of the website for the "Pe ...

An Invitation to Dance: A History of Social Dance in America     View
"The illustrations and objects depicted in this exhibition provide a brief glimpse into the history of social dance. ... Featured is not only its origin, fashion and forms, but also the unspoken language of dance." Features prints and shee ...     View
Whether you're a dance beginner or thinking about a career in dance, this site has something for you.

Western Square Dancing:     View
A large directory of resources on square and round dancing. Locate U.S. and international square dance clubs by location or type (such as exhibition groups or teen clubs). Also features articles, mailing lists, information for callers, and links to r ...



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