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Dance Kids - the website for kids who love to dance     View
Dance Kids a fun site with dance-related games, pictures, stories, and puzzles.

An Invitation to Dance: A History of Social Dance in America     View
"The illustrations and objects depicted in this exhibition provide a brief glimpse into the history of social dance. ... Featured is not only its origin, fashion and forms, but also the unspoken language of dance." Features prints and shee ...

Western Square Dancing:     View
A large directory of resources on square and round dancing. Locate U.S. and international square dance clubs by location or type (such as exhibition groups or teen clubs). Also features articles, mailing lists, information for callers, and links to r ...

What is Contra Dancing?     View
Contra dancing requires lively music, a caller, partners moving through a series of figures in opposite lines spinning and twirling, with locked-eye contact, and exchanging partners frequently. The site provides a definition and links to other resour ...

Ballroom Dance Resource     View
Extensive information for beginning and experienced ballroom dance enthusiasts. Included are history of and instruction in the waltz, tango, foxtrot, Viennese waltz, cha cha, rumba, salsa, east and west coast swing, and the lindy hop. Each dance incl ...

Tap Dance Homepage     View
An extensive collection of tap dance resources including the history of tap, a glossary, biographies of top dancers, tap routines, calendar of events, sound/video clips, and more.

International Tap Association     View
Learn about tap dancing with the glossary of terms and notation, brief history of tap, tap steps, a directory of tap companies and performers, tap dance calendar, and more on this site.

American Ballet Theatre - Ballet Dictionary     View
The American Ballet Theatre's dictionary of ballet terms. Site features a video accompaniment for many of the entries, including demonstrations of dance movements. Video viewing requires QuickTime plug-in.

Sapphire Swan Dance Directory     View
Resources organized by type of dance: Ballet, Ballroom, Cajun, Contra, Flamenco, Folk, Morris, Modern, Salsa, Square, Swing and Lindy, Tango, Zydeco, and more. In addition, covers books, schools, supplies, and other directories and guides.

Dance Magazine     View
Dance Magazine, published monthly both in print and on-line, focuses on dance as an art. The magazine contains a performance calendar, many articles related to dance, news about dance companies worldwide, and a listing of dance studios around the w ...



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