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Fashion Plate Collection     View
"This collection includes 417 fashion plates from 1806-1914 from some of the leading fashion journals of the times." Stylistic periods include Empire (1806-1813), Georgian (1806-1836), Regency (1811-1820), Romantic (1825-1850), Victorian (1 ...

Fashion-Era     View
Over one hundred "content rich, illustrated pages of Fashion History, Costume, Clothing, Textiles and Social History." Searchable, and browsable by major category, such as body adornment, royal fashion, undergarments, Victorian fashion, ima ...

The Regency Fashion Page     View
A wealth of images, information, and links relating to 18th and early 19th century fashion for men and women. Includes images and articles from period fashion magazines, online books about Regency fashion, a year by year chronology of what people wer ...

Fashion Museum     View
This museum, housed in the Assembly Rooms in Bath, England, focuses on contemporary and historical dress. The site features images of highlights from the collection and fashion history games. Also includes information about the history of the 18th ce ...

Texas Fashion Collection (TFC)     View
The TFC "consists of approximately 14,000 garments and accessories created by leading designers of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries." Records about items in the collection are searchable by keyword, designer, type of garment, date, an ...

The Victoria and Albert Museum: 1960s Fashion and Textiles     View
This site presents "a representative selection of 1960s clothing and fabrics," many of which have appeared in the museum's exhibitions and publications. Covers 1960s dress, fashion in 1960s London, and fashion and textile designers. Also fe ...

Arbiters of Style: Women and the Forefront of Fashion     View
Companion to a 2008 exhibit on the "'arbiter of style' ... a tastemaker (whether publicly anointed or self-proclaimed) who has the authority to judge and dictate what is fashionable. ... This exhibition focuses on the female creators, promoters, ...

fashion net: The Online Fashion Guide     View
A collection of links related to fashion and the fashion industry. Topics include designers, shopping, fashion magazines, and art. Also contains tips on getting a job in the fashion industry, and job listings. Searchable.

Fashion in Colors     View
Companion to an exhibit that "explores color as a design element through 300 years of Western clothing, examining the changing perceptions and meanings of color through various eras. More than 60 costumes are on display, ranging from eighteenth- ...

Images of Fashion From the Court of Louis XIV     View
Companion to an exhibit that "explores the evolution of style at the court of Louis XIV (1638 - 1715) through illustration. The exhibition presents an extremely rare collection of engraved fashion plates from the 17th century, generally regarded ...



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