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AllExperts: Hobbies     View
Are you stumped trying to find an answer about your favorite hobby? If so, then this site is for you! is the oldest & largest free Q&A service on the Internet where you can ask the experts any question! This section of their website is ...

Collector Online's Club Directory     View
"This directory lists over 500 clubs related to antiques and collectibles" including a contact person, their address, and telephone number information. The clubs are listed alphabetically, with some of them linked to their home pages as well. The m ...

Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites on the Internet     View
Hundreds of thousands of links related to genealogy, organized and cross-referenced in over 100 categories. This site is one of the richest resources for genealogy studies.

Model Railroad Podcast Show     View
A model railroad focused podcast. Includes model railroad train talk, news, reviews, and more!

Collecting and Preserving Insects ??? Beginner???s Guide     View
Great introduction to insect collecting. Includes information and pictures explaining equipment, collection and preservation.

American Rails     View
Provides the history of American railroad industry. Focuses on trains and stations both in the past and their role today in transit of people and cargo.

The Bubblesphere     View
The world of bubbles from bubble making tools and solutions, and even some games, can be explored at the Bubblesphere. It is also possible to learn something about the history of bubbles, view pictures of incredible bubble machines, link to other sit ...

The Drachen Foundation     View
This organization is "devoted to the increase and diffusion of knowledge of kites worldwide." The "About Kites" section of the website features kite basics (types of kites and how and in what winds they fly), discussion of kite bu ...

Scrapbooking     View
Material about making scrapbooks and related crafts. Features articles on topics such as scrapbooking basics (supplies, inspirations, and layouts), why people make scrapbooks, and mother-daughter scrapbooking. Also includes a link to a digital scrapb ...

Juggling Information Service     View
If you're a juggler, or want to learn to juggle, or just want some information on juggling, try this site. While much of the site is outdated, it has current information on festivals around the world, how-to articles, video demonstrations, articles, ...



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