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Most Expensive Private Islands 2006     View
This article discusses why billionaires and celebrities like to own private islands, limitations on who can own an island, and difficulties of living on private islands. Includes details about 15 expensive private islands for sale. Includes material ...

Island Directory     View
A "compilation of geographic, environmental, and socio-economic information on some 2,000 islands and over 150 countries, territories and administrative units with islands." Browse by country or island. Includes several comparative tables f ...

Saipan History and Government     View
An informative introduction to Saipan history, government, climate, and daily life, aimed primarily at U.S. or Canadian expatriates moving to Saipan.

Sakhalin Regional Administration     View
Government, financial, economic, cultural, and current events information from the Sakhalin region. Also includes historical, demographic and tourism information.

Browns Head Light - ipl2's Lighthouses: A Photographic Journey     View
Browns Head Light was built in 1857 on Vinalhaven Island in Penobscot Bay. In 1987, it was one of the last lighthouses in Maine to be automated and remains active.

Lummi Island: "The Pearl of Rosario Strait"     View
Describes this island, which is "the most northeasterly of the San Juan archipelago and easily the most accessible. Located near Bellingham [Washington state], it is served by a small county ferry." Features details about artist studios, is ...

South Pacific Travel     View
Links to all South Pacific tourist offices and airlines and resources about islands in the South Pacific. Includes travel ideas and information about David Stanley's travel guides.

Music Archive for the Pacific     View
Music of the indigenous people of Australia, Papua New Guinea, New Zealand and the nations of the Pacific Islands. Resources on this site will be of interest to those conducting research and include articles about musical styles, musical instruments, ...

Devils Island Light - ipl2's Lighthouses: A Photographic Journey     View
"This light was the last lighthouse to be placed in the Apostle Islands of Lake Superior. First built as a temporary wood skeleton tower in 1891, it was replaced by this current 71 foot steel cylindrical tower in 1901. This light station consisted of ...

Sand Island Light (WI) - ipl2's Lighthouses: A Photographic Journey     View
Built in 1881 and automated in 1921, this Sand Island Light is located in Sand Island, Wisconsin. "This light is located on the western side of Lake Superior's Apostle Islands. The original brownstone structure has survived the years well intact. In ...



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