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The Norwood Teague Kodak Brownie Collection     View
Contains a database of "U.S. Box Brownies made by Eastman Kodak Company at Rochester, New York" that includes images of each camera model and specifications. Also features advertisements, a background essay, and a bibliography. From the Cal ...

Kodak     View
Find advice and general information about photography. Includes information about composing an interesting picture and choosing the right film.

Kodak: Cinema and Television     View
This commercial site provides technical information for all levels of film and digital videomakers about storage and handling questions, processing, projection, editing, lighting, x-ray machines and film, cinematography, and environmental concerns. P ...

KODAK: The Endurance     View
A look at the expedition of the ship Endurance , captained by Sir Ernest Shackleton, that focuses on the work of Frank Hurley, the photographer. The remarkable images he brought back from a fight for survival in Antarctica combined with text and a ma ...

In Camera - Student Images     View
"The newsletter of the worldwide KODAK Worldwide Student Program." Formerly called "Kodak Images."

The COIS Photo CD-ROM     View
A collection of dozens of "Kodak Photo CD-ROM images photographed on the U.C. Berkeley campus in November and December, 1995." Includes images of campus architecture, statues, gates, sunsets, and magnolia leaves. Browsable by title.

Powerful Days in Black and White     View
"Shocking photos brought the civil-rights struggle to all America. Relive it now through the eyes of photojournalist Charles Moore." Includes photos of leaders such as Martin Luther King, Jr., protests, riots, and related topics. From Kodak ...

American Cowgirl     View
Historical photographs, accompanied by text, bear witness to 120 years of women in rodeo. The competitive lives of two bullriders are documented in the sounds, words, and images of three short slide shows. Photographic tips are also provided. Origina ...

The Art of the American Snapshot 1888-1978     View
Companion to a 2007 exhibit that "traces the evolution of snapshots in America from 1888, when George Eastman introduced the first Kodak camera, to 1978." Flip through an online book to view snapshots, "photographs usually made by amat ...


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