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Teaching Indigenous Languages     View
"The Teaching Indigenous Languages Web Site contains 46 full text papers from indigenous languages conferences that focused on stabilizing, teaching, and revitalizing endangered languages (mostly American Indian languages) held in 1989, 1997, and 199 ...

Atlas on Endangered Languages     View
The "information collected on a large number of endangered languages in all parts of the world is now available online starting with the map of the African continent." Includes information about endangered, moribund, and extinct languages. ...

Ethnologue: Languages of the World     View
Search this database by country or name of language. You'll find out how many people speak a language, what languages are similar, and in which countries the language is spoken. More than 6,800 languages spoken in 230 countries. The Name Index lists ...

Aboriginal Languages of Australia     View
Annotated links to over 140 resources for nearly 40 of Australia's more than 200 indigenous languages. Arranged by information type including contacts, dictionaries, word lists, texts, papers, songs, sounds, and more; language name; or by state. From ...

Foreign Languages for Travelers     View
Are you studying a foreign language? Would you like to learn how to say "yes" or "please" in dozens of languages? At the Travlang site, you can listen to basic words and phrases, such as numbers and "thank you," being said in over 60 languages.

BBC: Languages     View
Resources for learning French, German, Spanish, and Italian, including sound files, vocabulary lists, quizzes, and cultural notes. Also includes limited resources for other languages such as Welsh, Portuguese, Chinese, and Japanese. From the British ...

Indo-European Languages Tutorials     View
"This website is for anyone looking for free language resources in many of the Indo-European languages." Includes materials to assist those who are learning a language or refreshing their skills in over a dozen languages, including French, ...

Archive of Indigenous Languages of Latin America (AILLA)     View
AILLA is a searchable and browsable "archive of recordings and texts in and about the indigenous languages of Latin America." Features "recordings of naturally-occurring discourse in a wide range of genres, including narratives, ceremo ...

2008, International Year of Languages     View
Website for this 2008 United Nations program "to promote and protect all languages, particularly endangered languages, in all individual and collective contexts." The site provides a list of programs arranged by theme (such as the endangere ...

Native Languages of the Americas     View
Operated by a small non-profit, this site has online materials for over 800 indigenous Native American languages across the Western Hemisphere. In addition to the information on the site itself, there is a fairly extensive links section for more abo ...



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