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Organ Historical Society     View
"Organization that seeks members from all levels of interest in the organ; promotes musical and historical interest in American organbuilding through collection, preservation, and publication of historical information, and through recordings and publ ...

National Association of Pastoral Musicians     View
Organization for clergy and pastoral musicians: professionals, volunteers, and others who care about the liturgical life of the Roman Catholic Church. More than 9,300 musicians and clergy are actively involved in this important effort to foster the a ...

American Guild of Organists     View
"Promotes the organ in its historic and evolving roles; encourages excellence in the performance of organ and choral music; provides a forum for mutual support, inspiration, education, and certification of members." Site includes information on membe ...

Making Music Magazine     View
Making Music Magazine provides a space for adult amateur and recreational musicians with useful resources like a list of music festivals in the USA and tips for playing music.

Escape     View
Far from the trappings of civilization, an accordian player finds his place.

Popular Hispanics     View
This resource provides stories on trends, entertainment, fashion, fitness, sports, food, and travel related to the Hispanic community. It explores Hispanic culture and it promotes Hispanic values by featuring high-profile Hispanics.

Punk and Indie Rock     View
This IPL pathfinder serves as an introduction to some of the many resources available to anyone interested in punk and indie rock music and culture. Both print and Internet sources are provided.

Composers     View
This IPL pathfinder is designed for people of all ages who are looking for information on composers of classical music. Included are print-based and Web-based resources. The sources are geared toward general knowledge as well as scholarly research.

African-American Musicians Biographies     View
This IPL pathfinder was designed for individuals interested in finding biographical information on African-American musicians involved in all musical forms and styles. It includes print resources such as dictionaries, encyclopedias, and books, as wel ...

People     View
Celebrity news, pictures and style features. Browse by a person's name, or search the magazine's archives back to 1974. Primarily focused on North American celebrities.



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