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ABC Qld Flood Crisis Map     View
This Australia-based website used crowd sourcing technologies to track the impact of the 2011 flooding in Queensland, Australia. The site, sponsored by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, received updates from the community, the Queensland Depar ...

Visualizing the Pakistan Floods     View
This U.S.-based website allows users to compare the size of the 2010 Pakistan flood impact zone to their own home, or regions with which they are familiar.

BBC World Service - Pakistan Floods     View
This BBC World News page features several articles and photo essays about recent floods in Pakistan. It includes articles about how the floods are still claiming lives, Pakistani villagers' stories, and Pakistan's cycle of natural disasters. Find inf ...

BBC World Service - Australia Floods: "Inland Sea" Moves Across Victoria     View
This article on the BBC Asia-Pacific News describes a recent major flood that occurred in Australia. You can read some background information and find links to other stories about the Australian flood at the BBC World Service.

Weather Watch     View
Do you know the difference between a cumulous and a cirrus cloud???or, between an anemometer and a barometer? Learn to observe, gather data, investigate, and analyze weather at this site featured by Scholastic.

U.S.G.S. Earthquake Hazard Program     View
Provides a wealth of information on earthquakes, seismic activities and the reduction of earthquake hazards in the US. It also provides information about seismographic studies, earthquake data centers and includes real-time earthquake maps and statis ...


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