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News for Parents     View is directed at parents. Updated daily, the site provides clear, concise, jargon-free news and information related to children???s health, development and education. Founded by a licensed clinical psychologist.

Sports and Fitness for Middle - and High Schoolers     View
This site offers advice for parents concerned about their kids and sports. It covers everything from extreme sports to steroids to physical education.

Technology and Young Children     View
A terrific resource for parents and educators for exploring the positive and negative impact of technology in children's lives and for learning the "do's" and "don'ts" of using technology with children, offering everything from Best Educational Pract ...

Especially for Young People and Their Parents     View
A section of the American Library Association site that is dedicated to guidelines for teaching children how to use the Internet. Includes online safety rules and suggestions, designed-for-young people search engines, additional ALA websites for pare ...

GRADE: Game Ratings and Distinguished Education     View
Provides game ratings that focus on educational aspects. Game ratings include categories such as "classroom facts, creativity & imagination, business skills, people skills, problem solving, simulation and popularity."

ChildFun     View
This site has so many interesting and useful stuff such as "Crafts & Activities " "Coloring Books", "Recipes & Menus" "Book Reviews" for kids. Also for parents it provides many articles from "Mommies and Daddies" to share beautiful stories about pare ...

Family TLC     View
Suggests family activities - games, sports, crafts, music, cooking, nature and more. Includes parenting tips, articles on child development and hundreds of new age-appropriate child activities each month.

Kids World Sports | PBS Kids GO!     View
Learn about all kinds of sports, from baseball to shark diving. Play extreme sport computer games like snowboarding. Read about kid athletes and why they picked their chosen sports. Send your friends and family sports-themed e-cards or create your ...

AutismLink     View
"Mission is to provide opportunities for inclusion, information, and support; to keep parents, family members of individuals with autism spectrum disorders and autistic individuals apprised of news and information." Includes discussion forums, provid ...

Responsible Single Fathers     View
"Responsible Single Fathers is an organization of caring men and women working to help kids weather the difficulties often brought about by their parents' divorce, death, or ended relationship." A nonprofit group dedicated to changing socie ...



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