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BBC Newsround: Types of Government     View
This site for children provides simple definitions of various forms of governments around the world. Terms include anarchy, democracy, dictatorship, federal government, traditional and constitutional monarchy, republic, totalitarian state, and transi ...

Canadian Political Science Association     View
The Canadian Political Science Association website has information about conferences, meetings and exhibitions within the field, has opportunities for grants and scholarships and publishes materials related to political science.

Radical Philosophy Association     View
Originally founded in 1962 as an internal group within the American Philosophical Association (APA). The site is an "international, non-sectarian forum for philosophical discussion of fundamental change." Provides information about the association's ...

A Glossary of Political Economy Terms     View
"This is the online edition of A Glossary of Political Economy Terms by Dr. Paul M. Johnson of Auburn University." Contains around 200 political economic terms.

Research Resources for the Social Sciences     View
This is a research hub that lists internet resources for the social sciences. Psychology, anthropology, and women's studies are among the included subjects. The news and journalism link has an extensive collection of sites, and the reference resour ...

National Criminal Justice Association     View
"The National Criminal Justice Association (NCJA) is the Washington, D. C.-based special interest group that represents state, tribal and local governments on crime prevention and crime control issues."

Context Miner     View
Provides tools to collect, analyze, and present data, metadata, and contextual information from the World Wide Web via automated crawls from blogs, YouTube, Flickr, Twitter, and the open Web. Useful for creating and managing query-based campaigns su ...

PoliBlog     View
An associate professor of Political Science at Alabama's Troy University, Steven Taylor provides news and humorous conservative-slanted commentary.

American National Election Studies     View
"The mission of the American National Election Studies (ANES) is to inform explanations of election outcomes by providing data that support rich hypothesis testing, maximize methodological excellence, measure many variables, and promote comparisons a ...

ABC of Diplomacy     View
This dictionary of diplomacy explains terms such as bilateralism, diplomatic protection, privileges and immunities, protocol, and reciprocity. Include profiles of key agencies, such as the Council of Europe, European Union, International Monetary Fun ...



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