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The Avalon Project: World War II Documents     View
This site collects electronic, full text versions of important political documents from the World War II era. Included are Germany's declaration of war, papers on the Yalta and Quebec Conferences, the Potsdam Declaration, the Master Lend-Lease Agree ...

Center for Ethics in Government     View
Compilation of resources from this center that addresses "this most critical, fundamental and far-reaching problem facing government in America: the loss of public trust and confidence in representative democracy." Features an overview of e ...

Political Parties of the Americas     View
Users can select a country in the Northern Hemisphere and view an index to that country's political parties. Information includes links to party sites, e-mail addresses, and year of founding.

LOC???s List of References     View
This site contains a brief, annotated list of references to the political parties.

D.C.'s Political Report: Index of All American Political Parties     View
This comprehensive site tries to list all political parties in the United States, from the Democrats and Republicans to the Monster Raving Looney Party.

Republican National Committee     View
"The Republican National Committee (RNC) is the governing organization of the Republican Party. It is the official national party-building and campaign support organization. The RNC works actively with state and local Republican organizations to elec ...

The Unity Party of America     View
The Unity Party "believes that through hard work and cooperation, Americans will be better able to preserve the promise of liberty and equality." Includes information about joining the Unity Party, the party platform, links to state organizations, a ...

BBC Newsround: Types of Government     View
This site for children provides simple definitions of various forms of governments around the world. Terms include anarchy, democracy, dictatorship, federal government, traditional and constitutional monarchy, republic, totalitarian state, and transi ...

Refugee Caselaw Site     View
"This site is designed to assist judges, advocates, and policymakers around the world to access leading court decisions that interpret" the definition of a 'refugee.' Contains "cases from the highest national courts of Australia, Canad ...

Congress of Racial Equality     View
"Founded in 1942, CORE is the third oldest and one of the "Big Four" civil rights groups in the United States. From the protests against "Jim Crow" laws of the 40's to the "Sit-ins" of the 50's and the "Freedom Rides" of the 60's; through the cries f ...



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