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Vintage Knitting Patterns     View
This site provides free patterns for genuine vintage style clothing and accessories. If you'd like to go back to the 60s or even the 20s, this site is for you

Atari Archives     View
Archive of full-text versions of classic computing books on Atari, programming languages, graphics, machine language, and more. You can also find newsletter and newsgroup archives, and download old and new 8-bit software. Everything provided with per ...

Pong-Story: the Site of the First Video Game     View
Detailed early history of video games, including the popular Pong game. Contains images of many different vintage video game systems, information about games and schematics, and articles about aspects of video game history in the USA and Europe.

Arcade History     View
A searchable, browsable database cataloging coin-operated games of all kinds, including arcade video games, pinball, slot machines. More popular entries contain images from the games, trivia, and detailed information about release history and hardwar ...

Atari Age     View
Do you love Atari? Check out this comprehensive site for Atari systems. Atari Age is a history, news, information, and community site for all things Atari - including updates on conferences, user-made games for old systems, resources for building you ...

The Dot Eaters     View
Comprehensive history of early video games from the pre-Atari age, through arcade and console games, and covering early online games like Sierra Online and Ultima. Lots of biographical information, references to other sites with more info, images, an ...


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