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Solar Flare Theory     View
This site features general information about solar flares, soft and hard x-ray (high energy x-ray) images, a glossary, a FAQ, and links to related information. Also provides information about the Ramaty High Energy Solar Spectroscopic Imager (RHESSI) ...

The Sun: A Multimedia Tour     View
A visual tour of the sun using photographs, diagrams, and movies. Subjects such as solar flares, solar wind, and sunspots are discussed. Each page has clickable images with text, others enlarge for closer viewing. One movie shows the complete eclipse ...     View
The monitoring of current space weather conditions is used to understand the sun-earth environment. is an excellent source for monitoring this relationship through its offering of current space weather conditions and NASA news headli ...

American Solar Energy Society (ASES)     View
Site of a national organization "dedicated to advancing the use of solar energy for the benefit of U.S. citizens and the global environment." See "Solar Guide" for "an introduction to solar energy technologies."

The Solar Cooking Archive     View
A sizable collection of resources about marshaling the sun's heat for the specific purpose of cooking. Chefs can find easy-to-build designs for energy efficient solar cookers and a directory of manufacturers of ready-made ovens. There is a model alte ...

Arizona Solar Center     View
A site dedicated to educating people about various solar technologies and how they may be used. An entire section is devoted to teaching solar energy in the classroom with information for students and teachers. Other sections discuss the benefits a ...

Solar Eclipse     View
Learn about solar eclipses: what causes them and how to view one safely.

Solar Max     View
Information about the solar maximum of 2000, the latest one in the Sun's regular eleven-year cycles of activity. There are explanations and pictures of the cycle generally and of particular phenomena. There is also information about Missions that are ...

Northwest Solar Center (NWSC)     View
Maintained on a solar-powered server, this site offers information about the use of solar energy in the Pacific Northwest. Features a FAQ about solar energy and net metering ("measures the difference between the electricity you buy from your uti ...

The California Solar Initiative     View
Details about the California Solar Initiative, a 10-year, $2.9 billion state program (approved in January 2006) that has the goal of increasing "the amount of installed solar capacity on rooftops in the state by 3,000 MW [megawatts] by 2017. ...



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