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Rememble     View
"Rememble is a 'washing line' for your digital bits and pieces. Thread together texts, photos, videos, sounds, scribbles, scans, notes, tweets... so they're not drifting in a digital wasteland." Excellent way to create timelines, as well!

APA Format     View
Do you want a 'crib sheet' for quick and easy reference on APA formats? This one is great!

Morris County (NJ) Library Reference Links     View
Links for business and investment, law, market research, patents, maps and atlases, scholarships and other useful information.

Slaves and the Courts: 1740-1860     View
Part of the Library of Congress American Memory Project, this website has pamphlets and books (published between 1772 and 1889) about the "experiences of African and African-American slaves in the American colonies and the United States." It allows y ...

The Linux Tutorial     View
A free collection of tutorials on the Linux operating system. Also has a discussion forum, a glossary, and an online quiz. Registration not necessary to use the site. Maintained by a published author and network/system adminstrator for a large Ger ...

SourceForge     View
Free open source software. Users can download software, search database for ongoing open source projects, and rate programs. Web site's active community discusses projects.

Ubuntu Support     View
Access free documentation on supported versions of the Linux desktop, as well as its free community support and technical answers system. This site also has information on online and classroom training in Ubuntu, and on professional support systems.

Groklaw     View
Pamela Jones, editor of this blog, is a journalist with paralegal background who fell into learning IT and then fell in love with it and with open source software. When SCO, the makers of Unix, filed its lawsuit against GNU\Linux, Jones began to foll ...

oss4lib -- Open Source Systems for Libraries     View
Lists open source or free software designed for libraries and provides news about ongoing open source projects and related issues that could benefit libraries. Maintained by Dan Chudnov, staff programmer at Yale???s Center for Medical Informatics.

IT World     View
Open Source Software resources hosted by the International Data Group.



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