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American Speech-Language-Hearing Association     View
??ASHA is the professional, scientific, and credentialing association for more than 91,000 audiologists, speech-language pathologists, and speech, language, and hearing scientists. This site is a resource for ASHA members, persons interested in info ...

The American Presidency Project     View
Created at the University of California, Santa Barbara, it contains presidential documents starting with George Washington. Read FDR's fireside chats and compare the number of words in presidential inauguration addresses.

George Washington's Inaugural Address     View
This is the first U.S. inaugural speech given by George Washington. This site provides the full text and some photos of the original document speech.

Apraxia-KIDS     View
"The Internet's most comprehensive site for information on developmental apraxia of speech (verbal dyspraxia) and children's speech and language topics, including evaluation, therapy and other childhood communication topics. Invaluable for parents, s ...

The File Room Censorship Archive     View
Originally begun by an artist, this site is now maintained by the National Coalition Against Censorship and covers censorship, suppression of information, libraries, public repositories of information, and more.

International Clinical Phonetics and Linguistics Association     View
"The International Clinical Phonetics and Linguistics Association (ICPLA) was formed in March 1991 at the Symposium on Advances in Clinical Phonetics held at the Cardiff Institute of Higher Education, Wales. The aim of this association is to stimulat ...

Voice and Communication Therapy for Transgender and Transexual Patients     View
Information for transsexual and transgendered people who are seeking assistance with voice regulation and modulation or speech therapy, sponsored by the American Speech and Hearing Association. The ASHA site also contains links to find a qualified s ...

The Gettysburg Address     View
Here you will find images of two of the versions of the Gettysburg Address, the Nicholay Draft and the Hay Draft, and also the text. This is President Lincoln's address at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania to keep the war going in the effort to keep the Uni ...

Quota International     View
"Quota International unites individuals of diverse occupations who are committed to sharing their time, talent and resources to meet Quota International's service goals, and who are dedicated to: serving country and community; promoting high ethical ...

Sertoma International     View
"Sertoma International is a volunteer civic service organization with about 27,000 men and women members who belong to 830 Clubs in the United States, Canada and Mexico. Sertoma stands for SERvice TO MAnkind. Our primary service project is helping th ...



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