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Stock and Bond Certificates, Old     View
Brief suggestions for researching an old stock or bond certificate, which "may still be valuable even if it no longer trades under the name printed on the certificate. ... Even if you learn that a certificate has no value, you may find that the ...

Dogs of the Dow     View
Advocates a value oriented approach to investing where an investor would buy the ten stocks with the highest dividend yield from the Dow Jones Industrial Average and hold them for one year. Extensive performance data for the current year is provided ...

Silicon Investor     View
Provides stock news, daily quotes dating back to 1985, company profiles, charts, SEC filings, commodities reports, and more. Also includes discussion forums. Registration (free) required for many parts of this site.

Dow Jones Averages     View
This site provides current and historical information about the Dow Jones Indexes (Industrial Average, Transportation Average, Utility Average, and 20 Bond Average). It includes detailed composition of the indexes, interesting articles, chronological ...

Standard & Poor's 500 Index Calculation     View
Explanation of how the S & P 500 Index is calculated. There is also brief information on the history and purpose of the Index (follow initial link in opening paragraph).

Standard & Poor's United States Indices     View
This site provides descriptions, methodology, constituents and data, news, index changes, name and ticker changes, style indices, and sector indices for the S&P 500, 100, 900, MidCap 400, SmallCap 600, SuperComposite 1500, and REIT Index.,3,1,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0.html

Credit Default Swaps: The Next Crisis?     View
This March 2008 article discusses the possibility of financial crises involving credit default swaps (CDS), "insurance-like contracts that promise to cover losses on certain securities in the event of a default." Discusses history of CDS an ...,8599,1723152,00.html

Tender Offer     View
This brief fact sheet explains a tender offer, which is "a broad solicitation by a company or a third party to purchase a substantial percentage of a company's Section 12 registered equity shares or units for a limited period of time." Incl ...

What Is a Hostile Takeover?     View
This brief article provides an introduction to hostile takeovers, noting that a "takeover is deemed hostile when the target company's management objects to the deal." It explains friendly vs. hostile takeovers, tender offers, and proxy figh ...     View
From a well-known name in mutual fund analysis comes this site containing fund rating reports and stock quotes. Fund and stock reports can be retrieved by name, ticker symbol, rating, or performance criteria. Free content includes basic analysis and ...



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