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About Temperature     View
An overview of temperature, including information on thermometers, heat, thermodynamics, kinetic theory, and radiation temperature. Includes related links. Also available in Spanish.

World Climate     View
Climate data are historical weather averages, showing what the weather was typically like each month, averaged over varying ranges of years. As far as we can tell, the latest dates are in the 1990s. Designed for those interested in the general histo ...

Contrails     View
Brief introduction to "the condensation trail left behind jet aircrafts ... called contrails. Contrails form when hot humid air from jet exhaust mixes with environmental air of low vapor pressure and low temperature." Includes a brief discu ...

Bose-Einstein Condensation (BEC)     View
This tutorial explains what Bose-Einstein condensation is (at incredibly low temperatures, atoms "lose their individual identities and coalesce into a single blob"), how it is formed, and why it might be important in the future. Includes in ...

Oceanweather: Current Marine Data     View
"These pages show current marine data from ... models and observational data worldwide. This service is provided for the enjoyment of the marine/meteorological community and is not intended for commercial purposes." Browse data by region. E ...

Weather Dude     View
Weather can be fun when you ask the Weather Dude, Nick Walker. Nick is the Weathercaster for KSTW Channel 11's "11 News Midday" in Seattle, Washington. Find out today's weather or ask Nick a question about the weather. And try some of Nick's favorit ...

Weather Wiz     View
This website is all about the weather! Learn about hurricanes, lightning, tornadoes and all sorts of different kinds of weather. Find weather games, jokes, words, flashcards, stories and weather experiments.

Weather Advisory Browser     View
Weather advisories, watches, and warnings issued by the National Weather Service. You can search for advisories by location and/or type of advisory.

American Horticultural Society Heat Zone Map     View
"The 12 zones of the map indicate the average number of days each year that a given region experiences 'heat days'--temperatures over 86 degrees (30 degrees Celsius)." The site has a Zip Code Zone Finder (1997 data) so users can determine t ...

Earth Observatory     View
This site provides "new satellite imagery and scientific information about our home planet. The focus is on Earth's climate and environmental change." Articles under Features are about the atmosphere, oceans, land, life on earth, heat and e ...



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