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Vietnamese-English-French Online Dictionary     View
VDICT allows you to find or translate Vietnamese words to and from English and French. You can search individual dictionaries or seven at once. The database supports searches with Vietnamese characters without special software. Dictionaries are also ...

Morse Code Translator     View
"Shield your e-love letters from prying eyes. Outfox the encryption meisters with good ol' pre-World War One technology! This site not only translates anything you type into Morse Code, it actually plays the lyrical cadences of dots and dashes."

Yahoo Translation Service     View
Converts phrases or webpages into (or from) English from (or into) Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese or Spanish. "Yahoo Translation Assistant provides you with a tool to translate a grammatically correct document into som ...

Phrasebase Language Learning Resources     View
Phrasebase is a conversational language learning resource center and community. It has an online phrasebook with words and phrases translated into over 90 different languages, as well as country information, language information, and information for ...

My Hebrew Name     View
"Have you ever wondered what your name is in Hebrew? 'My Hebrew Name' is an online database to lookup, view, print, and save your Hebrew name. Your Hebrew name is displayed using the Hebrew characters with nikud (vowels). All names are displayed u ...     View
A web-based, free translation service that offers 169 different language combinations. Also offers a paid service for more extensive, better quality translations peformed by native speakers. Site is available in French and Italian.

SIL International     View
"SIL is a service organization that works with people who speak the world??s lesser-known languages. SIL International is a Christian organzation that has been working for more than 50 years to study, develop and document the world??s lesser-known l ...

Ultralingua Online Dictionary     View
A multilingual dictionary translating English to many languages, and going back to English. There are also dictionaries between other languages, such as: French-Spanish, French-German, French-Italian, Spanish-German, Spanish-Portuguese. You can als ...

Swedish-English Dictionary     View
Swedish-English-Swedish dictionary. Lexin svensk-engelskt lexikon. An easy to use dictionary designed for those just beginning to learn Swedish. Also a convenient way to translate basic words and phrases from one language to the other.

Lexicool     View
Lexicool is a directory of bilingual and multilingual dictionaries and glossaries. Users can search by language or by subject. This website also provides translation tools and resources.



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