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TV Acres: The Web's Ultimate Guide to Television Program Facts     View
This site contains information on "characters, places and things that appeared on television programs broadcast from the 1940s to the present (during prime time and Saturday mornings)." Searchable, and browsable by subject. Includes annotat ...

Race Fan TV     View
Find upcoming auto and sports car races on television. Television listings include the race, name, date, time, locations, and network. It is a resource for viewers in the United States and Canada. The author includes his picks for winners of the race ...

TV Zap: What's on TV, Worldwide     View
"Find a TV guide, television listing, or TV show grid, including broadcast stations and channels on cable and satellite, for many countries."

Total TV     View
"The nation's most comprehensive source for TV viewing information and listings."

Lost Remote TV Blog     View
Not exactly a journalist weblog, this collaborative blog discusses the interaction of TV and new media. News and commentary about TV, TV-related websites, and blogs are shared.

4Kids TV     View
4Kids TV brings you games with characters from One Piece, Kirby, Mew Mew Power and Sonic X.

TV-Turnoff Network     View
This site promotes the annual April TV turn-off, explains television-proofing your house, offers suggestions for other activities, and provides a message board for ideas and encouragement in trading TV for reading. Also find statistics, research on t ...

TV Guide     View
Online version of TV Guide Magazine. Contains most of the features of the magazine, including program listings, celebrity news and interviews, info on movies and videos, and soap updates.

TV Rundown     View
The online site for The Rundown , a print television industry newsletter, that provides plenty of free content, including a directory of online TV stations in the U.S. and Canada, case studies of successful new stories from the print version, and gre ...

Yahoo! TV     View
In addition to searchable and browsable daily listings for television shows, Yahoo! TV features a browsable (but not searchable) TV show database "for the complete online picture for all of your favorite shows: series information, related li ...



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