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Keep Schools Safe     View
Provides resources for students, parents, and schools on successful strategies and programs and a directory to related sites.

National Youth Violence Prevention Resource Center     View
Interpersonal violence affects teens everywhere. This site is a 'gateway' for government information on bullying, anger management, hate crimes, gangs, drugs, and more.

No Nonsense Self-defense     View
This site gives you infomation and practical advice on how to avoid crime and violence. There is information about how to avoid dangerous situations and people, including explanations of how criminals think and operate. The site also gives warning ...

Crime Prevention Association of Michigan     View
"CPAM was founded in 1973 through the leadership of the Michigan State Police and law enforcement officers from several major police departments. Today there are hundreds of members from law enforcement, business and neighborhood associations." Read ...

Little Criminals     View
Focusing on the 1996 Richmond, California incident of a six year old boy nearly beating a baby to death, this site explores the causes of violence in children and ways of dealing with juvenile violence. Includes expert testimony on early predictors o ...

Violence In Sports, ERIC Digest 1-89     View
This 1989 digest "examines violence in team sports and how manifestations of violence reflect the attitudes and behavior of players, coaches, and fans. Three theoretical explanations of sports violence are discussed — the biological theory, ...

WHO Multi-Country Study on Women's Health and Domestic Violence Against Women     View
"The first-ever World Health Organization (WHO) study on domestic violence reveals that intimate partner violence is the most common form of violence in women's lives -- much more so than assault or rape by strangers or acquaintances." The ...

Healthy Roads Media     View
This Web site features multilingual health education information in written, audio, and video formats. Material on health concerns such as asthma, dental health, diabetes, smoking, and domestic violence appears in English, Arabic, Bosnian, Spanish, a ...

Acid Attacks: Bangladesh's Efforts to Stop the Violence     View
This 2002 article discusses acid attacks in Bangladesh, most of which are against women with "the most common reasons for attack being the refusal of marriage, the denial of sex, and the rejection of romance." Provides an overview of nongov ...

National Youth Violence Prevention Resource Center     View
This site is "a Federal resource for professionals, parents and youth working to prevent violence committed by and against young people." Contains "fact sheets, best practices documents, funding and conference announcements, statistics ...



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