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NARA U.S. Electoral College     View
This site contains historical and current information on the Electoral College from the National Archives and Records Administration.

Vote-By-Mail Voting [California]     View
Detailed information about vote-by-mail ballots (previously known as absentee ballots) and voting in California, covering how to apply, the process ("All valid vote-by-mail ballots are counted in every election in California, regardless of the o ...

Initiative & Referendum Institute at the University of Southern California     View
Learn about the history of the initiative and popular referendum process and which states use the process. Includes overviews of both current and historical ballot propositions in elections nationwide and reports and studies on the initiative and ref ...

Who Votes, Who Doesn't, and Why: Regular Voters, Intermittent Voters, and Those Who Don't     View
This October 2006 report of survey results about American voting habits and views provides data on topics such as factors affecting whether people vote, views of country and community, and demographics of voters and non-voters (both registered and no ...

The Online NewsHour: Vote 2006     View
Background, news, and analysis about the November 2006 elections, with coverage of U.S. House and Senate and state governor races. Features profiles of candidates, reports related to the candidates and races, overviews of key issues (such as Iraq and ...

How Design Can Save Democracy     View
"Earlier this year [2008], the United States Election Assistance Commission distributed guidelines [for ballots] created by professional designers to 6,000 local election officials. ... This interactive feature identifies common design problems ...

Search Field (California) Polls, 1979-Latest Release, Questions and Answers     View
Find questions and answers from California Field polls for 1979-2006. "The Field (California) Poll was founded in 1947 by Mervin Field. ... The Field Poll tracks voter preferences in all major statewide candidate and proposition election contest ...

Get Out the Vote 2008     View
Hundreds of nonpartisan posters designed to "inspire the American public to participate in the electoral process and vote for a presidential candidate in the 2008 general election." These posters are made available as online PDFs for anyone ...

Absentee Voter Guide     View
"This guide contains all the information college students need to vote by absentee ballot from school." Click on the interactive U.S. map to view absentee voting details for each state, including deadlines, dates, and contacts. Also availab ...

Citizens for Approval Voting     View
Website for an organization that promotes approval voting. "Approval Voting is exactly like the plurality system that is generally used in America today except for one twist: Instead of voting for any single candidate, Approval Voting allows you ...



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