LII Technical Specifications

This is an historical archive of the Librarians' Internet Index (LII) before it merged with the IPL to become the ipl2.

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LII's content is organized in a MySQL database managed with Community Servers software, a content management system built with LAMP technology. The search engine is Siderean's Seamark Navigator, which handles our topic browsing as well.

Dr. Alison J. Head conducted usability testing that resulted in several significant improvements to our design (as well as the finding that we needed a new search engine, which we addressed in September, 2006 with our migration to Siderean). The Center for Accessible Technology provided accessibility testing. Michael Sauers consulted with us about HTML code validity at a crucial milestone in our development. The Galecia Group has provided invaluable technical consulting throughout the development process.

Our logo was developed by NeekDesign in San Francisco. The golden color and the sun motif reflect LII's home of origin, California, while the arrow mimics the default position of a computer mouse pointer.

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