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This is an historical archive of the Librarians' Internet Index (LII) before it merged with the IPL to become the ipl2.

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LII has over 20,000 records representing high-quality websites. In 2005, we added approximately sixty new items per week. Every quarter, for every four items we add, we remove one and update several more.

Usage is very strong for LII. September 2006 was the best quarter ever for LII, with over 12 million hits; most months for 2006 have averaged 10 million hits. In 2005, the LII website had over 100 million hits. In 2004, the LII website had over fifty million hits. In 2003, we had over 33 million, almost twice what we had in 2002. Our free weekly newsletter has over 16,000 email subscribers and many more RSS subscribers--over 23,000 Bloglines subscribers alone as of October, 2006.

LII has received praise in magazines and newspapers such as Real Simple, The Week, USA Today, and the Sentinel (Holland, Mich.).

In 2004, LII was featured in a Voice of America radio broadcast.

In 2003, New York Public Library selected LII as one of 25 Reference resources that are "best of Reference based on their usefulness in local branch reference work."

In 2003, the mystery writer Marcia Muller recognized LII in her new novel, "Cyanide Wells."

In 2001, LII was named one of the Best Free Reference Web Sites by the Machine-Assisted Reference Section (MARS) of the Reference and User Services Association (RUSA) of the American Library Association. The award noted, "This comprehensive online directory of critically evaluated web sites is an essential tool for any reference librarian."

Comments from our Annual Surveys

We had thousands of responses to our annual user surveys--2006 had over 6,000 responses. Comments are always overwhelmingly positive:

"What I value most about LII is that I trust your judgment and by extension trust the quality of the sites you recommend."

"LII is extremely helpful since it provides reliable resources, not like other commercial search engines."

"I can only say: keep this standard of quality!"

"I find LII to be an invaluable resource when looking for information on the web. I am not aware of any other organization that filters the web, then gives structure and organization to legitimate, reputable, and interesting web sites across such a wide variety of subject areas."

"I have learned to do a lot of fact checking using your index. I have saved myself from citing a bad reference or an unfounded idea more than a few times."

"I rely heavily on LII when working on virtual reference--it is a great tool!"

"Keep up the great work. You do us (professional librarians) proud."

"I teach library instruction to college students. LII is part of every class. I train my students to go to LII instead of Google for academic research. And they remember to do this!"

"Once a week I use the newsletter to pass on great websites to teachers (they don't know how I find such great information on the Internet ... and I let them think it's all me :-) )."

"I find the alerts most useful for keeping clients informed on developments in their field."

"I am a resource teacher. Being able to review websites for teachers in an important part of my job. Your service saves me time."

"Thank you all very much for providing such an interesting, reliable and eclectic resource. (Much like all Librarians, in fact!)"

"I work in a school for 16-19 year old students. I use your site as an example of how a good portal can be a much more efficient way of locating quality information rather than plowing through massive searches."

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