ipl2 Merger Team

The following people were instrumental in making the new ipl2 website possible:

Doctoral Students from The iSchool at Drexel
Catherine Hall; Diana Kusunoki; Craig MacDonald; Robin Naughton; Haozhen Zhao

Staff Members from The iSchool at Drexel
Joe Adair, Web Services Architect
William Doran, Systems Analyst
Kara Howland, Graphic Designer
John McNamara, IT Manager

Michael Galloway, Manager, ipl2 Digital Collections
Alison Miller, Manager, ipl2 Reference Services
Jennifer English, LII Project Liaison

The ipl2 Merger Team was led by the following faculty members from The iSchool at Drexel University:
Dr. Eileen Abels
, Dr. Xia Lin, Dr. Mick Khoo, and Dr. Jung-Ran Park.

This video was created to announce the new ipl2: Information You Can Trust website, which launched on December 16, 2009, as a merger between the Internet Public Library (IPL) and Librarians' Internet Index (LII).

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