Explore Other Cultures With Culture Quest at the Internet Public Library



Nina Reid
Internet Public Library
University of Michigan
4029 SEB
610 E. University
Ann Arbor, MI

April 18, 1997

ANN ARBOR, MI., April 18, 1997--The Internet Public Library (IPL), a project based at the University of Michigan School of Information, debuts Culture Quest! (http://www.ipl.org/youth/cquest/) a new resource for children which is available in the IPL Youth Division.

Join "Olivia Owl" and "Parsifal Penguin" as they tour the Web and discover the holidays, games, recipes, art and museums, folklore and legends of many of the world's cultures.

This one-of-a-kind resource will foster an appreciation of the diversity of cultural experience. Culture Quest includes both original content and links to the rich educational and cultural material available on the Internet. A visit to each country page introduces children, their parents and teachers access to a variety of material to use for the home, library or classroom.

Olivia Owl and Parsifal Penguin will continue to search out the best of culture around the world, so come back often and explore the Net with them!

The Internet Public Library is a project based at the University of Michigan School of Information, partially supported by a grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. The library began as a graduate student project in 1995, and is now staffed by professional librarians with assistance from students and volunteer librarians from around the World. The library maintains a collection of network-based ready reference works; responds to reference queries, creates resources for children and young adults; evaluates and categorizes resources on the Internet, and provides a space for exhibitions. The library strives to be a source of innovation in the networked environment, seeking partnerships with organizations with compatible goals.