Kids Can Research Killer Whales With "Orca Search" at the Internet Public Library



David S. Carter
304 West Hall SEB
550 E. University
Ann Arbor, MI

October 12, 1999

ANN ARBOR, MI. -- The Internet Public Library (IPL) is pleased to announce the debut of Orca Search (, a new online resource for children, available through the IPL Youth division. Orca Search offers a fun-to-use resource for middle school students who are interested in developing research skills while learning about killer whales.

Want to know more about what research scientists do? Interested in how long a killer whale can get or how much one weighs? How about whales in captivity? Orca Search has all of this information -- and more!.

Orca Search is a web site that can be used as an online independent study for students or by teachers as a classroom teaching unit. Kids will follow five steps to become an "Orca Searcher". They will have the opportunity to create their own research log in which they will collect and document online information about killer whales using Web links. Using their critical thinking skills, students will explore issues about whales in captivity and come to their own conclusions about the issues.

Orca Search is the creation of Lucy M. Schiller, a graduate student at the University of Michigan School of Information.

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