Sue Davidsen to Lead Internet Public Library



Jay Jackson
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Ann Arbor, MI
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April 17, 2002

(revised June 19, 2002)

ANN ARBOR, MI -- The University of Michigan School of Information has appointed Sue Davidsen Managing Director of its Internet Public Library.

Davidsen has extensive experience in librarianship on the Internet. For eight years she was director of the Michigan Electronic Library, the state's free online library service. Her virtual library design continues to be used as a model today throughout the world.

She replaces David S. Carter, who has helped develop the IPL for the past seven years. He will remain at the U-M as an associate librarian at the Media Union.

In 1995, the new managing director's extensive experience in developing electronic information resources was recognized with the national Paul W. Thurston Award, which cited her effort to make government information accessible. She has also received the Michigan Library Association's Walter Kaiser Award for bringing innovation to Michigan libraries. Before coming to the School of Information, Davidsen was a member of the interface design team at ProQuest in Ann Arbor.

Davidsen will continue as the School's associate director of academic outreach and practical engagement programs and lecturer in government and business information at the School of Information. She is also an advisor and consultant to a number of digital library and portal projects in Michigan and throughout the United States.

The Internet Public Library ( began as a course project at the School in 1995. The library has since developed into a unique learning laboratory staffed by professional librarians, students, and volunteers that attracts more than 1.5 million visitors a month from around the world.