IPL Recognized in 2002 Computerworld Honors Program

ANN ARBOR, MI., February 12, 2003 --The Internet Public Library (IPL) has been recognized with an award from the 2002 Computerworld Honors Program.

The Computerworld Honors Program brings together the Chairmen or Chief Executive Officers of the foremost information technology companies in the world and the world's leading universities, libraries and research institutions to document a revolution in progress: the global information technology revolution.

Established in 1988, the Program is dedicated to identifying the men and women, organizations and institutions, that are leading this revolution and to recording the impact of their achievements on society.

Through the IPL, librarians and library students learn to integrate the use of the Internet into their professional practice.  Internet users get help in navigating the sea of information on the Internet in order to find information they actually need and can use (approximately 1.5 million people use the IPL each month).  By training librarians, students, and to some extent users, in using, searching, and evaluating the Internet, the IPL improves information literacy, a much-needed skill in the 21st century.  Librarians and library students learn from IPL's examples, thus relieving them of the need to constantly "reinvent the wheel."  Internet users spend less time wading through garbage and more time getting their real work done.

More information is available from Computerworld at www.cwheroes.org/his_4a_detail.asp?id=24.


Sue Davidsen
IPL Managing Director
304 West Hall
550 E. University
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1092
(734) 936-8735

2002 Computerworld Honors Program Award