Policy on Reproduction of Our Pages and Resources

An important part of the mission of the Library is to share our vision and lessons widely with our communities of interest. Such sharing includes not only products and articles produced by staff and collaborators with the Library but also the works of others which discuss, describe or demonstrate our work.

Persons or organizations who wish to include reproductions of pages may be able to do so, subject to the following conditions:

For reproductions in print sources:

  • For noncommercial uses, including scholarly articles, reproductions may be made, provided that authors…
    • notify us of their intent
    • tell us what they wish to reproduce, and the nature of their work
    • cite the source of the images or text as "the Internet Public Library"
    • cite the URL as http://www.ipl.org/
    • and provide us with a copy of the work, or, where that is impractical, the chapter, section, or portion which contains the reproductions
  • For commercial uses (i.e., for profit), including books, authors should contact the ipl2 Staff using our online contact form.

For reproductions in digital sources:

  • Requests and questions should be directed to the ipl2 staff using our online contact form.
  • Decisions will be made based on the nature and amount of material to be reproduced, and the character of the reproducing work.

Persons or organizations who wish to point to the Library or any of its resources should of course feel free to do so.

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