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Examples of Early IPL Reference Questions

Question: Can you tell me please, if possible the address of where Dylan Thomas died in New York.
location: London, England

Question: How tall is Chris Isaak (the rocker)? Yes, I want to know because of a bet…some unreliable source told me he was 4'6" tall and I just don't believe it…tried the net this morning, but it's hard to get these types of statistics.
location: San Jose, CA

Question: What are the email address and fax no. of the Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry? I need the one in Europe. Thank you.
location: Minghsiung, Chiayi, Taiwan

Question: I would like to the origin of superstious beliefs with special reference to superstions that originated on the African Continent. This is to assist me in a study or comparison of conventional science against what we call street science or superstious beliefs.
location: St. John's, Antigua and Barbuda

Question: In the musical "Music Man", what state is the ficticious town of River City located.
location: Balto, MD

Question: I am a high school teacher helping students with a research paper on the latest developments in tennis technology. In particular, racquet design and footwear design.
I have surfed the net looking for material but have found little on tennis except for comments on Monica Seles!! Can you point me to some useful Net sites for this type of information. Thanks.
location: Robinvale, Victoria/Australia

Question: I recall a creation myth or a birth myth where a god had a head ache. Another god hit the first on the head and out sprang either the world or a person.
I am sorry to be so vague, but I am working from memory of a Classical mythology class I took 20 years ago
location: Kjeller, Norway

Question: I [am] search[ing] for a five-letter word that sounds exactly like SNEEZE. I believe it is sNEES, at least I believe the last four letters are NEES. Is it snees and of so what is a snee?
location: Princeton, NJ

Question: Researching the best dog to choose as a family pet - Young child in household - information on any and all breeds. Thank you.
location: Houston, TX

Question: I would like to know the history of PINK LEMONADE. Where did it first start? Who invented it? What made it pink?
location: Middleburg Heights, Ohio

Question: How would the ideal horse stable be built? I will be operating a horse boarding business soon and I may have to build the stable. What should the stallfloor be made of? What should the floor plan look like?
location: London, Ontario, Canada

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