This page appears as it did for the 2005 Anniversary celebration,
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IPL 10th Anniversary: Celebrating a Decade of World-Wide Information Access
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Thank You Card … Long Description

Multicolored ballons float up on the left side of the card and on the right side is written the following:

Congratulations! Happy 10th Birthday, Internet Public Library!

Beneath that are actual submissions from patrons congratualting the IPL on its 10th birthday, which are reproduced here.

"For our school, IPL is a fantastic sources to get literature and above all news into the classroom" - Norway

"I just wanted to say hi to all the people at IPL. I know you people work really hard for all of these questions, so I want to say THANK YOU. I LOVE ALL OF YOU PEOPLE." - United States

"This is an incredible site. I would like to congratulate you on such an interesting, useful site. I'm studying English and love books, and I am very excited to have found the Internet Public Library. Congratulations on your 10th birthday!" - United Kingdom

"Just to let you know I have put a link on my booksite to your very nice site. It's just what I was looking for - a professional yet personal touch and informative wealth of information"

"Thank you, Thank you and Thank you Everyone at IPL!!"

"A pat on the back - just don't let it go to your head! Outstanding resource - thank you." - musician and ESL teacher living in Freiburg, Germany

"I love IPL. I use it often in the public library where I work." - Cumming, Georgia

"I am a twenty-five year old boy from China. I appreciate your website a lot. You do a great job! Congratulations on the upcoming birthday of IPL." - China

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