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*The Ask an ipl2 Librarian service and Contact Us/ipl2 form will be closing permanently at 12 pm (noon) EDT on June 24, 2015. We will be unable to receive replies or new questions/comments after that time.*

We're sorry that we are no longer able to answer your questions. However, we have some suggestions for continuing your research.

A Local (or Non-Local) Library

If you have access to one, local public libraries are often your best resource for asking questions and obtaining materials. You may even be able to use partner libraries or borrow materials from other libraries using services like Interlibrary Loan. Ask for details at your local library.

You can also explore libraries at schools, colleges, museums, or other institutions. Some libraries only allow access to members of their user community, but others allow the general public to use some or all of their resources. If you can't visit a library in person, you may be able to contact them online or by phone to get help.

Not sure how to contact your local library, or want to find out what other institutions may have libraries in your area? Try one of these international library directories.


lib-web-cats: A directory of libraries through the world

Instead of searching for a library, WorldCat lets you search for books, videos, articles, and music in more than 10,000 library catalogs from around the world. When you click on an item in your search, WorldCat senses your location (your IP address, really) and shows you the libraries closest to you with that item, often with links to that library's homepage. One warning: the catalog information may not be up-to-date in all cases. Always contact the library directly to confirm.

State Libraries: All US states have libraries that offer access to materials and services for residents of the state, including some email or chat reference services, article databases, and more. The site contains a directory of state libraries. State Libraries

Online Library Services: Often libraries offer some kind of virtual reference service, such as email or live chat. Some libraries take questions from anyone, while others have more restrictions—explore the policies on each library site to find out if you qualify. The LISWiki has an international directory of libraries offering chat services specifically.

LISWiki: Chat reference libraries

The United States Library of Congress also offers online services that might be applicable to your needs.

Library of Congress: Ask a Librarian

The ipl2 has always been a big supporter of local libraries. We encourage you to make use of any services available to you!

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