A. Spencer Barefield

Xenogenesis 2000 A. Spencer Barefield Xenogenesis 2000 album cover
The jazz world first became aware of the distinctive guitarist A. Spencer Barefield through his work with saxophonist Roscoe Mitchell. In Detroit Barefield has been a prime force on the cutting edge both as musician and as organizer behind such endeavors as the "Discovery Days" of the Montreux-Detroit jazz fests.

On his composition "Invisible Mysterious (Black Indians)": Richard Davis (bass), Tani Tabbal (tablas), Barefield (10-string African harp).

Available through Cadence Records, Cadence Building, Redwood, NY 13679.

A. Spencer Barefield Xenogenesis 2000 album back cover

  • Songs
    • Jumonji
    • A Handful of Fives
    • Ugly Beauty
    • Barbara Thru the Mirror World
    • XENOGENESIS 2000
      1. Meiosis/Union
      2. Metamorphosis
      3. Protoplast
  • Invisible Mysterious

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