Francisco Mora Jr.

Mora Mora album cover
Born in Mexico, a Detroiter by way of Sun Ra's Arkestra, Francisco Mora conceived his record "Mora" as a sort of pan-American travelogue. The piece presented here plumbs the introspective potential of that time when the musician winds down after the gig. The late-'80s album is sadly out of print.

On Mora's "Five A.M.": Mora (drums and percussion), Emile Borde (steel drums), Vincent Bowens (saxophone), Kenn Cox (piano), Jerome Le Duff and Alberto Nacif (percussion), Rodney Whitaker (contrabass).

  • Songs:
    • Prelude "Welcome"
    • Afra Jum
    • Rumba Morena
    • Five A.M.
    • Sama De Amor
    • Cultural Warrior
    • Epilogue-Conga "Hasta La Vista"

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