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Resources for jazz seem to cascade onto the Web being like notes blown in a Coltrane solo, and there even valiant efforts to keep track of them. No need to duplicate those, but we would like to pull your coat tails to some sites of interest. WARNING: Remember that by clicking on these links you will be exiting the "Swinging Through Time" Site.
WEMU-FM's Jazz Datebook:
The best single listing for jazz in southeast Michigan.
Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians:
All about this pivotal Chicago organization, now 30 years old.
The Ford-Montreux Detroit Jazz Festival:
The largest free-of-charge jazz festival in North America. The '97 listing should appear here soon.
The Duke Ellington Society:
An extensive site dedicated to the enormous depth and range of the Duke.
Cyboards Inc.
keeps one of the larger collections of jazz links on the Web.
Sun Ra Homepage:
Interest in the self-proclaimed bandleader from space knows no Earthly bounds.
Evolution of Jazz:
A clickable graphic surveying the changing sounds is a good entry point for WNUR-FM's jazz site at Northwestern University.
A good set of links is one of the many assets of this page built for label chief and jazz pioneer Ornette Coleman.

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