Pamela Wise

Songo Festividad Pamela Wise album cover for Songo Festividad
In recent years, Afro-Cuban musical traditions have become an import springboard for pianist Pamela Wise's musical imagination. The drive and churn of Latin rhythms shape her music throughout "Songo Festividad."

On her composition "Hasta Mañana": Wise (piano), Jerry Gonzalez (flugelhorn), Wendell Harrison (tenor sax), Jaribu Shahid (bass), Andrew Daniels (congas), Gerald Cleaver (timbales), Rayse Biggs (trumpet), Brad Felt (tuba and baritone).

Available through WenHa, 81 Chandler, Detroit, MI 48202

Pamela Wise album back cover for Songo Festividad

  • Songs:
    • Familia Se Reunion
    • Samba La Pamela
    • Por Mi Hermanos
    • I Didn't Know What Time It Was
    • Reminiscing
    • Hasta Mañana
    • Songo Festividad
    • Fly By Night
    • Pamela's Holiday

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