Wendell Harrison and the clarinet ensemble

Rush & Hustle Wendell Harrison & The Clarinet Ensemble Rush & Hustle album cover
The clarinet was once the king of jazz reed instruments. Wendell Harrison is a leader in the international movement to return to licorice stick to the forefront.

On his composition "Rush and Hustle": Harrison (Bflat clarinet, tenor sax), Mahindi Masai (percussion), Alex Brooks (drums), Marion Hayden (bass), Harold McKinney (piano) and these clarinetists: Greg Koltyck, Paul Onachuck and Ken Hobesnstreet (Bflat), Harold Orr (bass), Ernie Rogers (contrabass Eflat), James Carter (double Bflat contrabass).

Available through WenHa, 81 Chandler, Detroit, MI 48202
Wendell Harrison & The Clarinet Ensemble Rush & Hustle album back cover

  • Songs:
    • Rush & Hustle
    • My Shining Hour
    • The Hooptie
    • Pamela's Holiday
    • Gonna Take You Out
    • Urban Lullaby
    • Saga of a Carrot

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