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Dinosaur Floor

Welcome to the Exhibit Museum at the University of Michigan. This exhibit was put together as part of a student project for a class in the School of Information at the University of Michigan. It contains various scenes from the Dinosaur floor of the Exhibit Museum taken in a QTVR (QuickTime Virtual Reality) Movie format.

About This Site

This site is extremely memory intensive. I wanted to make the site visually interesting, so I included photographic backgrounds and colored text. Each of the single-node QTVR movies is about 550K. The multi-node movie is about 1.6 megabytes. It will probably take a few minutes for you to download the pages with QTVR movies onto your machine. If you are only interested in the content of this site, there is a [Text Only] version, which you are welcome to browse.
Note: This site is best viewed on a Netscape 3.0 or higher browser.

Underneath the title of every page, except the Homepage, you will find a link to the Text Only equivalent of that page. Links to other pages will be found at the bottom of each page. Graphic pages will link to graphic pages and text only pages will link to text only pages.


I would like to thank the folks at the U-M Exhibit Museum for all of their help and cooperation, especially Al McWaters and John Klausmeyer. This project would not have been possible without their assistance. Additional thanks go to Drin Gyuk for his assistance with the QTVR Authoring Tools Suite Software.

Links to other pages:

  • [History]- a brief history of the Exhibit Museum
  • [Sauropods]- a QTVR movie with written highlights about the scene, featuring sauropods, pterosaurs, and therapsids
  • [Perissodactyls]- a QTVR movie with written highlights about the scene, featuring perissodactyls, horses, and camels
  • [Artiodactyls]- a QTVR movie with written highlights about the scene, featuring artiodactyls, ruminants, and cattle
  • [Multi-Node Movie]- a three-node QTVR movie (combination of the three previous movies combined into one)
  • [QTVR]- a description of QTVR and this project
  • [Viewing Movies]- a description of how to view the QTVR movies, once you download the player or plug-in.
  • [Text Only]- Text only table of contents

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